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KAAt Dennings by DrPepperMantra KAAt Dennings :icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 32 2
Mature content
Rey's New Path :icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 7 3
Breaking Ariel's Mind by DrPepperMantra Breaking Ariel's Mind :icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 46 14 Kaa and Messua (Kissofthesnake) by DrPepperMantra Kaa and Messua (Kissofthesnake) :icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 76 13 'Sssleep little Kim...' by DrPepperMantra
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'Sssleep little Kim...' :icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 25 2
'Sssuch Perfect Ssskin...' by DrPepperMantra 'Sssuch Perfect Ssskin...' :icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 18 2 'Doesss this feel good, Kim?' by DrPepperMantra 'Doesss this feel good, Kim?' :icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 20 3 Kim Kardashian's Elle Cover Outtake by DrPepperMantra Kim Kardashian's Elle Cover Outtake :icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 18 1
Mature content
Rey's Hypnotic Discovery :icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 26 9
The Lone Sailor Scout Part 5
Seeing Serena walk carelessly down, Bagheera and Baloo couldn't help but feel sorry for her. She looked so down on her luck, so lonely, and they were going to make sure things went right for her, for once.
"Let's walk up now, Bagheera," Baloo said, unable to take seeing the girl sad. Bagheera nodded, and walked out of the bushes with Baloo…
Mina saw the two animals walk out of the bushes and gasped nervously. She couldn't believe what she was seeing and shouted out to her friend, "Serena, look! A bear and a panther!"
Serena heard this and froze in place. Feeling so low now, like life was almost over, she slowly turned around and turned pale seeing Baloo and Bagerah there... They were back…
Bagheera realized that what he had told Serena had affected her more then he had believed. She was broken.
However, Baloo merely smiled at the girls. "Hey there, girl-cubs," he said. But he gave a glance to Serena, "I'm sorry about what happened earlier, but that was what we thought was f
:icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 4 0
The Lone Sailor Scout Part 4
"Ssssay...why don't we have a hypnotisssm contest? We sssset both girls down, and we'll hypnotize them and ssssee who they prefer. What do you ssssay?"
Thinking about it, Kaa could be devious and trick him. But he thought it wouldn't be bad to kill some time with, "Alright, I'll play this game."
Kaa smirked, everything would work out in his favor…
Both Serena and Mina heard the two snakes talking about a contest of some kind and just waited for now. There wasn't much either of the girls could do right now other than listen anyway.
Sonmou unwrapped Mina and Serena and placed them on the ground, making sure they stood up but still in a trance.
"You ready?" Kaa said to Sonmou, who nodded.
"Ready. I'll take them out of hypnosis, but then we'll strike and try and hypnotize them. Whoever hypnotizes their girl-cub first can go for the other one, and if that snake hypnotizes the other one as well, then they get both girl-cubs."
They decided to put a little danger into that game. Sonmou k
:icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 2 0
The Lone Sailor Scout Part 3
Though the hopes were very slim, it wasn't any sooner that Kaa thought this that a friend of Serena's was just happening to wander around the trails by herself...
Mina, a girl very much like Serena with long blonde hair and blue eyes had snuck abored the ship that Serena was on in an attempt to surprise her. She had came along to India to give her friend some support and planned on surprising Serena after she had gotten back from her walk. 
Sadly, as Mina waited to surprise Serena, she and the other villagers found that it was taking an increasingly long time for her to get back... Afraid for her safety, Mina and several other villagers went out looking for her and this was how Mina came to be so close to her friend.
Dressed rather simple in just a pair of khaki capris to her mid calf, a light blue t-shirt, simpele pair of white sandals and a blue bow in her hair, Mina travels shouting out, "Serena! Serena, are you here!?"
Kaa looked down and saw the girl walk down. She was very p
:icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 3 0
The Lone Sailor Scout Part 2
Unfortunately for them, Serena was very far from them... The trail she was on offered very little in the way of rocks or pokes, things that would slow her down being bare foot. With this advantage, or disadvantage now, she was able to travel much further before she came to a rest...
She looked behind her, nearly in tears again as her hopes of getting out of the jungle now were completely dashed... She had nothing... No desire, no will... She just wanted out and started to cry as she made her way through the trail attempting to get out on her own...
Bagheera and Baloo made their way through the jungle, hoping they could find Serena soon...
However, Kaa the snake was resting in a different tree to the one he first encountered Serena in, knowing that there would be no monkeys to interfere when he got that girl-cub into his clutches again. Oh he couldn't wait until she reared her pretty face again...
And it might not have been much longer than he had hoped for... For Serena had been wander
:icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 3 0
The Lone Sailor Scout Part 1
The Lone Sailor Scout
Original RP By Choconaut and Sleepwalker
The jungles of India might have been a serene place for anyone else who wanted to visit, but...not exactly for Serena... 
The poor girl was doing so horribly in her studies back in Japan that she had no choice but to do an extra credit assignment, or be held back in her school. Naturally, to make up such a big portion of her grade, she would have to do something big...
She thought they were kidding when they told her she would have to travel out of the country if she ever hoped to bring her grade up. In her foolish thoughts, she signed an agreed document without reading it that stated in exchange for two letter grades to pass her, she would have to travel and learn the culture of India for an entire three weeks... And that was how she managed to get herself stuck on an adventure hike through the jungle...
The long blonde haired girl walked the trails panting exhaustedly. She hated anything to do with physical work and
:icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 4 0
TiKaal Birthday Card by DrPepperMantra TiKaal Birthday Card :icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 10 4
Mature content
Hypnosis Journal: Ariel Winter and Sofia Vergara :icondrpeppermantra:DrPepperMantra 6 5


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RUST by HierarchDQ
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KAAt Dennings
The sexy Kat Denning wandered into Kaa's territory and the python got a glimpse of the perfectly plump actress. Kat was scared of Kaa at first, but the inevitable happened, she caught glimpse of Kaa's relaxing colors. Once her mind finally *dinged*, a cute smile spread across the sexy brunette's face. Kaa wasted no time and wrapped Kat's sexy body in his soothing coils. He massaged Kat to the point of making her moan, which only made Kaa squeeze her even more. Kaa began to think of what a lucky snake he is, being able to interact with all these sexy women who just happen to wander in this part of the jungle...

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Rey had been hypnotized. She sought help from a stranded man on the planet named Jevan. He did everything he could to help Rey relax as he felt she was really on the edge. Jevan gave the scavenger a cup of tea that slowly took over her mind. Rey went from irritable to bubbly in a matter of minutes and learned over time what it felt like to love someone. Jevan had previously lost his significant other when she was killed by the First Order and Rey really reminded him of her. After spending the night together, Rey woke up fuming and tried to escape, but Jevan shot a tranquilizer at her and she became hypnotized again. Only this time, she'd be hypnotized for quite possibly forever...

One week later, Jevan and Rey enjoyed each other's company. Jevan had been teaching Rey all sorts of things about love. They practiced kissing and cuddling. Afterwards, Jevan decided to take things to the next level. They went to a more private area of the forest and proceeded to have sex. They laid on a bed of moss that felt really good to Rey. Jevan thrusted on top as Rey wrapped her legs around his body. She feels him and smiled at the feeling of it. It moved so fast and hit her in the right spot, she felt as though she would break free from her trance. But Jevan was there to look at her and reminds Rey that he is here for her. After a few minutes, Jevan finally released and Rey panted hard, overwhelmed by this feeling. Her mind throbbed with visions of intense pleasure. She saw herself naked and happy in a wide open field and swimming in a sea of beautiful clear water. Jevan laid next to her and smiled.

"That felt so good..." Rey said, smiling broadly and her eyes closed.
"I'm glad you enjoyed it. You did great for your first time..." Jevan said as he rubbed her shoulders.
Rey smiled again "Mmm... Thanks..." 
Jevan gives her a kiss on the lips.
"I had never felt this good in my entire life... I can't believe that this is what I was missing out on..." Rey replied, genuinely happy.
"I'm glad I'm here to show you..." Jevan embraced the naked Rey. A few minutes later, He heard Rey snoring pretty loudly. Jevan played with her hair and whispered in her ear "You're snoring...".
Rey sighed and replied with a weak "Sorry..."
Jevan smiled. "It's okay... It's really cute when you snore..."
Rey smiled in her sleep. She loved it when he called her cute.

After a few minutes, Jevan got dressed and carried the sleeping Rey back to his LAAT home. Once they returned, Jevan immediatley laid her into the hammock and wrapped a comfy blanket around her. Rey smiled and snuggled into the blanket, warming herself up for a nice siesta. Jevan watched her and smiled. A few seconds later, he heard some footsteps from the outside. He looked through the doors of the gunship and saw a dark skinned man in a brown Resistance jacket. Jevan had a feeling he was looking for Rey, but figured he was no Jedi, so he could easily trick him into leaving his property. He walks out of his home to see him.
"Hello there!" Jevan said "Can I help you?"
The man glared at Jevan "Perhaps you can... Have you seen a girl run through here?"
"If you've come to chase girls, you came to the wrong planet for that..." Jevan said, cracking wise.
The man was clearly not amused. "Yeah, very funny! Have you seen a girl run through here?"
"Perhaps, what's her name and what does she look like?" Jevan asked, pretending not to know about Rey
"Her name is Rey, She's about this tall, wears rags, brown hair, has three buns?" He replied
Jevan shook his head. "Can't say that I did, but if I do see her I'll definitely let her know you're looking for her. What's your name?"
"My name is Finn. And if you do see her, tell her to meet me back at Maz's castle."
"I'll tell her when I see her. Thanks for the information Finn. And good luck to you..."
Finn walks away and Jevan walks back into the gunship. Once he walks in, he goes to check on Rey, who was laying in the hammock only half awake and still wrapped in her blanket.
"Who was that, Jevan?"
"Some fellow by the name of Finn..." Jevan answered
"F-Finn?... I know Finn..." Rey replies weakly
"Really... Is he a good person?" Jevan asked
"Y-yes... But... You treat me in a way no one ever has..." Rey said, feeling the trance overpowering her.
"Better than Finn?" Jevan asked, knowing what she was going to answer
"Yes... Much better than Finn..." Rey replied, drifting off into a deep slumber.
Jevan smiled and kissed Rey's forehead. Watching over the sleeping scavenger.

Meanwhile, Finn walked back to Maz's castle and thought about his conversation with Jevan. He was the only person there in the forest, and he had last seen Rey a week ago. Jevan could very well have seen Rey in that time. In fact, Finn had finally pieced together that Jevan might be keeping Rey captive. The former stormtrooper raced back to the gunship and get Rey back. Several hours later, Jevan and Rey were getting ready to settle in for another peaceful night together. He gave Rey a kiss on her lips and cuddled up. Finn snuck into the gunship with his rifle to ambush Jevan. He pointed his gun to Jevan's head, but he was not even close to being asleep and he quickly grabbed the rifle out of his hand and leapt out of the hammock.
"What have you done with her!" Finn asked with fury
"I've done nothing! She chose a new path! She wishes to stay here with me!" Jevan replied
"No! She wouldn't have decided that on her own! You did something to her!" Finn exclaimed.
Jevan decided not to answer, but instead answer with a question. "Why do they call you Finn?"
Finn felt it was odd, but figured he would answer anyway. "It's not exactly my real name. I was originally known as FN 2187."
Jevan looked at his. He knew exactly what he was after he mentioned his ID number. "You... YOU!" Jevan lunged after Finn and threw him against the wall of the gunship. "It was you! You're the Stormtrooper who killed her!" He proceeded to beat Finn more. It was Finn who killed the woman he loved two years ago.
"Who?" Finn asked
"Don't you remember? On Dantooine? You gunned down a young woman in cold blood!?" Jevan said furiously
"Please... I was only following orders..." Finn said, wanting to be spared.
Jevan was not going to forgive him. "I've been at the mercy of men just following orders... Never again!"
Jevan grabs a tool and hits Finn right on the head with it. Rey, who had been awake since the first hit, watched the whole confrontation. She had no idea what was even happening. Jevan grabbed the subdued Finn and threw him out of his home.
"Don't you ever come back..." He said with fury. The injured Finn crawled his way back to Maz's castle. Jevan returned to the hammock to see Rey.
"What happened?" Rey asked, still confused.
"Your friend tried to hurt you... I swore to myself I would protect you like I should have for her..."
Rey's heart began to sink. "I thought he was my... friend..."
"It's okay... I'm here for you..." Jevan said, relaxing Rey further. He got back into bed and held her tighter than ever. He knew Finn would return, possibly with the Resistance. He thought of relocating to another planet with her.
"Rey, how would you like to move to another planet?" Jevan asked
Rey sighed and replied "Sure... which one?
"How about Naboo? It's similar to here... It's just as green and beautiful..."
"I like the sound of it... I'd love to see it..."
Jevan cuddled Rey again and whispered "You'll love it..."

The next morning, Jevan and Rey packed their belongings and made their way to the airstrip where freighters are. The quickly boarded a freighter bound for Naboo.
"We're on our way..." Jevan said to Rey.
Rey said nothing and smiled, snuggling into his chest.

A month later, Jevan and Rey have settled at a house by the lake. Rey marveled at the many splendors and beauty of Naboo. It was even better being able to experience this amazing planet with Jevan. Rey no longer needed to be hypnotized, the spell wore off but her feelings for Jevan remained. A year later, they had a beautiful baby girl who was conceived on 
Takodana. Rey had followed her path, and found happiness in the galaxy, and it took a handsome man to show her the way, to find her true place in all this.

The End
Rey's New Path
A sequel to Rey's Hypnotic Discovery. Hope you like it
Breaking Ariel's Mind
Poor Ariel. Every moment she spent with Kaa, the hypnosis became more and more intense. Now the mermaid princess was now property of Kaa. She could not look away, she could not move, she could not fight back, she could not even have any other thought besides spirals and Kaa. The rings were really giving her a headache and almost began to cry. Her head hurt so badly and she wanted to shut her eyes and sleep, but the python was not letting her. "Why is he hurting me like this?" Ariel thought while still entranced. The spirals were relaxing at first, but after almost an hour of staring, she could not take it anymore. The coils were restraining her too. Through her trance, a tear began to trail down Ariel's face. Kaa saw this and finally understood how she was feeling. "I'm sssorry my mermaid... I'll let you ssssleep now..." Ariel heard this and was finally able to close her eyes. This made her incredibly happy, that she quickly drifted into a deep sleep. Ariel let out a relaxed sigh as she rubbed her cheeks into Kaa's silky coils, putting them over her mouth and began to snore lightly. Kaa moved in and gave Ariel a kiss on her cheek.
So... it turns out the pictures were done by :icondraugr21:

I'm gonna be completely honest: I had no idea it was his stuff. It was something I had saved from a while back and figured it disappeared along with the site. If I had known that it was his work, I would NEVER have uploaded them. I love Kaathesnake721's works, and I miss his works alot.

Once again, Dragur21, I am sorry... I cannot stress that enough...
Kaa and Messua (Kissofthesnake)
(When Kaa meets the only MILF in the Disney Jungle Book Canon LOL)

Messua would never stop hearing Shanti's stories about a "talking, hypnotic snake". One night she decided to see for herself if this snake was real. When the entire man village was asleep, she quietly snuck out to the jungle. As she ventured further, the jungle air was getting to be too much for her and she took off her clothes until all that was left was her underwear, revealing her big breasts. Kaa sat up in the tree and heard footsteps coming near. He woke to see what looked like a much older Shanti.

Messua stood in her tracks and took deep breathes. She then hears some rustling of leaves and turns around to see what it is. She sees nothing at first, but after scanning the area a couple of times, she sees the massive python himself. Kaa. "Sssay now... who are you?..." Messua was stunned. Shanti was telling the truth. "Are you the snake my daughter keeps talking about?" She asked. Kaa chuckled. He knew exactly who she was talking about. "You're the woman-cub's mother... Why you're quite a sssight..." Kaa compliments. Messua was a little flattered, but a little creeped out at the same time. "Thank you... She also told me something about hypnosis... is that even possible?" Kaa knew that this was his cue and replied "Very..." He moved closer to the mother and activated his hypnosis. Messua had no idea what was coming and was quickly reeled in by the colors. She began to pose for the snake and smiled at him, finding him very charming (in more ways than just one)

Link to the artist…
So... it turns out the pictures were done by :icondraugr21:

I'm gonna be completely honest: I had no idea it was his stuff. It was something I had saved from a while back and figured it disappeared along with the site. If I had known that it was his work, I would NEVER have uploaded them. I love Kaathesnake721's works, and I miss his works alot.

Once again, Dragur21, I am sorry... I cannot stress that enough...


Joe Mama
United States
Just another Kaa Fan Artist

I do NOT do requests. BUT I will accept ideas. Just note me


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